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Matrix – Corporate Performance Management

About Matrix

Re-defining Cloud Finance

Transform the way your organisation budgets, plans & reports data

Intelligent profit management system

Intelligent software enabling efficient and effective data collection and management within a company system, enabling fully-informed decision making


Combining data from a number of in different internal and external sources and providing users with a unified, visualised view


Using sales volumes and revenues, resource quantities, costs and expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows


Predictive analytics based on past and live internal and external data and most commonly by analysis of trends. to determine the future

Matrix CPM Leadership Team

Our team brings a combination of sophisticated enterprise technology development experience with innovative and traditional Life Sciences and Tech Startup growth leadership

Mariusz Kokoszkiewicz





sales director


MARKETING director


Integration Architect

Leading Pharmaceuticals companies are using Matrix CPM

“On behalf of BIOTON S.A. we confirm that as part of our cooperation with Omega Code, we completed the implementation and adaptation of the Matrix system to our business processes.

Matrix, as a platform for strategic and operational reporting, planning and budgeting, and controlling processes support, has successfully addressed the needs of BIOTON S.A.

Benefits of using the Matrix platform in daily operations include:

  1. Support of budgeting and strategic processes

  2. One consistent source of data for the entire organisation”…

“Teva, as one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, helping 200 million patients every day, maintains the highest standards of corporate governance, and treats this as a critical element of responsible business. In all areas of our operations we are rigorously adhering to regulations and procedures, including in development of new drugs, promotion activities, and management of the corporate finances.

Ten years ago Teva decided to introduce the Matrix CPM system to our operations in Poland. Matrix is being successfully used across the organisation, and is actively expanded, developed and supported by Omega Code”…

What is Matrix CPM?

Matrix Corporate Performance Management is a modern process, analytical, reporting and data consolidating platform and various systems. 

Tailored to the needs of companies to forecast and plan sales and costs based on an analysis of market and internal perspectives and to manage the organisation at various levels of the Profit and Loss Account