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Matrix CPM(Corporate Performance Management) is a modern process/analytical/reporting/consolidating data platform and various systems, tailored to the needs of companies to forecast and plan sales and costs based on an analysis of market and internal perspectives and to manage the organisation at various levels of the Profit and Loss Account.

In one tool Matrix delivers an integrated solution:

  • CPA – Corporate Performance Management
  • BI – Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse
  • ETL – Extract, Transform and Load
  • SFA – Salesforce Automation
  • WFM – WorkFlow Management
  • Reporting Platform

Pharmaceutical companies are, of course, companies that analyse their operations based on P&L, and make decisions about strategic and operational plans based on the analysis. The additional value of Matrix for the pharmaceutical industry is the analysis of market data, the ability to build cross-sectional analyses, the financial management of R&D projects, the consolidation of data from various industry-specific sources and the final modeling of profit and loss statements.

Delivering on the promises of the system specification combined with quality service and reasonable pricing.

Significant reduction in the time taken to prepare budgets and forecasts

Operational excellence

Improve operational efficiency:

  • One true version of data available to all users,
  • Immediate insight into current and forecast data, ability to react quickly to market dynamics
  • Ability to model budgets and forecasts based on market perspectives (sell-in and/or sell-out; freedom to define markets, competitors, classes, product definitions, etc.)
  • Possibility of comparing multiple budgets and forecasts prepared on the basis of different business assumptions (“what if” analyses),
  • Analysis of profitability of the organisation’s activities on freely definable levels, e.g. total, division, department, therapeutic line, a single employee,
  • Possibility to plan market sales taking into account stock levels, as well as commercial contracts with business partners,
  • Possibility to prepare budgets and forecasts in any time perspective.
  • Consolidation of data from various sources/sheets from many units in one place (ESB strategy: *.xls files, ERP category system – e.g.: IFS, SAP, Oracle, Navison, xpertis; data from the market),
  • Mechanisms facilitating and accelerating the creation of forecast templates,
  • Oossibility of smooth evaluation of plans and business assumptions along with the progress of the financial year expressed in rolling budgets.
  • Work in time-embedded processes and tasks with a dedicated range of available data

Each Budget is a process that defines the structure of the organisation, the range of planned products and cost lines. Process management makes it possible to indicate who is responsible for particular areas, stages and levels of acceptance, with the possibility of setting everything in time

  • MatrixAnalysis module
    • Perform analysis on data in the Matrix System using pivot tables.
    • Build “ad hoc” reports that are useful in a given moment
  • Reports Module
    • Present data in standard reports built for a given client.
    • Presentation: numerical, tabular or visual (charts)
    • Data comparison and analysis according to your choice
  • Possibility of data visualisation and dynamic presentation of selected analyses in external systems and applications – e.g. sales rankings. Attractive data imaging in electronic form and for printed reports via PowerBI, Qlik, etc.
  • Support of budgeting and strategic planning processes,
  • One consistent source of data for the entire organisation
  • Automation of analytical and reporting processes, increasing quality and reducing time of access to data and reports,
  • Integration of data from many different sources (ERP system, HR system, other operating platforms)

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    • Installation in a server room or cloud e.g. Azure
    • Integrations
    • Configurations and dictionaries
    • Trainings
    • Post-implementation support
  • Teva, Bioton, Hasco
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