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Matrix – Corporate Performance Management

Cash Flow


Know Exactly Where Your Business Stands

How does Matrix CPM help with cash flow?

Pharmaceutical companies are, of course, companies that analyse their operations based on P&L, and make decisions about strategic and operational plans based on the analysis.

The additional value of Matrix for the pharmaceutical industry is the analysis of market data, the ability to build cross-sectional analyses, the financial management of R&D projects, the consolidation of data from various industry-specific sources and the final modeling of profit and loss statements.

Significant reduction in the time taken to prepare live cash flow and ongoing budgets and forecasts.

Improve operational efficiency:

  • one true version of data available to all users
  • immediate insight into current and forecast data, ability to react quickly to market dynamics
  • Ability to model budgets and forecasts based on market perspectives (sell-in and/or sell-out; freedom to define markets, competitors, classes, product definitions, etc.)
  • possibility of comparing multiple budgets and forecasts prepared on the basis of different business assumptions (“what if” analyses),
  • analysis of profitability of the organisation’s activities on freely definable levels, e.g. total, division, department, therapeutic line, a single employee,
  • possibility to plan market sales taking into account stock levels, as well as commercial contracts with business partners,
  • possibility to prepare budgets and forecasts in any time perspective.
  • Perform analysis on data in the Matrix System using pivot tables.
  • Build “ad hoc” reports that are useful in a given moment

A platform for budgeting and control of enterprise finances

This innovative Business Intelligence solution enables pharmaceutical companies improve their work flow management ensuring their products get to their patients quickly. Matrix enhances and utilises all data in real time and enables data warehouse ETL – extract, transform and load.

Matrix ensures Data integrity providing a single source of truth NOT multiple versions of truth Matrix outputs are flexible and can be integrated into any presentation format IQH/Omega provides intelligent modular software solutions which are both customisable and very quickly integrated – the best of both worlds.

The Matrix – BI system provides full insight into business activities and illustrates the impact of this activity on the company’s financial results thanks to the tight integration of financial and operational planning models. The software enables effective implementation in terms of planning and budgeting, while providing a platform for future development and automatic integration of business processes.

Built-in function called Flexible dimensions allow you to  identifyand report on key sources of profitability and cash flow at all levels– at the cost center, company, product, brand, customer and business partner levels .

Matrix BI is intended to be used and maintained by professional employees: Management, Analysis, Controlling, Marketing and Sales.

The system allows you to manage the company’s profit on an ongoing basis and perform analyses predicting revenues when changing specific cost parameters and those related to the distribution and sales model.

Matrix – BI is a world-class application for planning, budgeting and forecasting, without the need to invest in infrastructure (CAPEX), with the possibility of very quick use of the application potential (speed of implementation). It offers functions for dynamic forecasting, predictive planning and analysis of complex scenarios, and interactive consoles. The application includes ready-made connectors for: IFS, Kamsoft, Farmaprom and many others.

Matrix – BI (Cost Module) reduces the risk associated with control thanks to the full record of events, workflows, inspections and verifications ensuring the reliability of data.

The software architecture is web-based, allowing you to enter, consolidate and retrieve financial information from around the world quickly, easily and securely anywhere using a standard browser. By storing relational data, users have access to critical data anytime, anywhere.

Built-in function called Flexible dimensions allow you to identify and report on key sources of profitability and cash flow at all levels – at cost center, company, product, brand, customer and business partner levels.

The modules included in the Matrix system form an integrated package of solutions,  giving the opportunity to analyze and draw conclusions from the past, allow you to monitor the current activity of the organization, assess sales effectiveness, and meet business challenges.

Basic modules of the Matrix system:

  • Module for supplying data from external systems (including IFS)
  • Data integration, deduplication and standardization module
  • Administration module
  • Product analysis module
  • Sales analysis module
  • Predictive analysis module
  • An analysis module supporting the resource management and distribution processes
  • HR module
  • Module for controlling
  • JPK module
  • TRADE module - Sales management divided into retail outlets and representatives, which supports the management of discount applications and other retail integrations.

How can we help?

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We are a data back-end integrator

We design the data integration processes to combine local with international data, within our data warehouse - which can be presented using Qlik, PowerBI and many more...

Make better decisions

Imagine how things would change if every decision maker in your organisation, from a divisional sales manager to a C-level executive, was blessed with accurate, complete and timely information to underpin strategic and day-to-day decision-making.

With access to powerful financial planning, budgeting, what-if analytics and forecasting based on reliable real-time data collected from across your organisation, and the marketplace, combined with industry-leading AI-based predictive analytics, there would be no more need for stabbing in the dark resulting in unreliable and stressful gut-driven decisions.

Improve overall performance

Introduce better planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and controlling across your functions and departments. Remove financial uncertainty from your operations.

Introduce standardised processes and workflows to enable and streamline collaborative work on budgets and plans.

Automate and remove the headache of laborious, repetitive and error prone work of financial teams around collection, processing and presentation of financial data.

Integrate your systems & data

Combine all disparate sources of data – including internal and external systems, and local files (such as financial models kept in Excel), into a single, comprehensive, timely and accurate source of truth – collected and kept up-to-date by an automated process.

Combine internal and internal real-time and historic data from across your organisation (ERP, HR, sales, manufacturing, finance) and the market (external data subscription required).

Create a dependable basis for all financial decisions (involving sales, costs, budgets and plans) across your organisation.

Matrix for pharma is a proven solution

Intelligent software enabling efficient and effective data collection and management within the company, enabling best informed decision making Matrix provides perfect bridge between history and the future. Perfect data management input and output, not making the same mistake twice